Classic Scented Candle

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A two-wick classic candle size ensures an even burn, perfect for a bedside table, desk or coffee table. These candles are handmade using a unique blend of beeswax & essential oils. They have a 40 hour burn time allowing you to indulge in the scents for longer.

Wild Mint Watercress and Thyme: A purifying herbal scent invigorating and verdant. Sharp and sweet top notes of mint, lemon, and eucalyptus mingle with fragrant camphor and rosemary, emulating a breath of fresh air. 

Dublin Dawn: The crispness of the dewy morning Dublin air is met with crisp Irish Rock Roses. With top notes of raspberries and pomegranates, layered with notes of rich davana laced with relaxing patchouli and amber accords. An uplifting and invigorating scent. 

Dublin Dusk: Rich ozonic accords from the Irish coast with a crisp freshness of aromatic woods of smoked out and aged cedar. Whilst the dark spicy tones of ginger, pepper and anise reveal a base of sweet resins, patchouli and soft musk.

White Pepper, Honeysuckle, and Vetivert: Aromatic floral, soft and enchanting. Captivating top notes of lily, honeysuckle and jasmine with a soft hint of peach and lemon rest on soothing vetivert, white woods and full-bodied base of cedar oils in this rhapsody of delicate floral aromas. 

Cassis Leaves and Jasmine: A rich, fruity, floral, vibrant and intense scent. Top notes of fruity Irish cassis leaves with a twist of rich jasmine, warmed with a hint of spicy clove on a base of sun-dried green moss and wild heather. 

Bitter Orange, Birch Tar and Balsam: The crisp scent of a bowl of oranges with a rich, black amber heart, blending with a smoky undercurrent of fir balsam and oak wood glowing in the light of a crackling log fire. 

Cedar, Cloves and Ambergris: A decadent spice, comforting and evocative. The warmth of cloves is synonymous with luxury, and is given depth by warm rosewood and hints of eucalyptus, resting on rich base notes of cinnamon and black amber. 

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